...to see beneath the surfaces and record the qualities of nature and humanity which live or are latent in all things.

--Ansel Adams

What people are saying:

"Meet Chelsea. She's a cool, efficient writer. I like how she rolls." --Oklahoma City, OK

"Keep up the great work, the world needs people like you." --Asheville, North Carolina

"Wow! The real story and a different perspective. I just learned more about the band I was in for ten years." --Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

"You see things the rest of us don't." --Encinitas, California

"Like a female, Christian Jack Kerouac." --Little Elm, Texas

"My favorite dreamer." --Brooklyn, NY

"You, my dear, are quite the talent with turning your camera into a pen. The photos resonate." --Temecula, California

"Chelsea [is] a real fly chick." --Harlem, NY

"Your tweetery is wonderful. (Yes, I said tweetery.)" --Baltimore, MD

"You make what we do sound interesting." --San Diego, California